Participation criteria

Teams are asked to rigidly respect the age limits.

All players must bring a valid document (National Identity Card or Passport) with a recent photograph.

No photocopies please.

Documents will be checked before the tournament and, during the tournament, all coaches are entitled to ‘challenge’ another player’s eligibility and request to see the player’s document.

Any team found to be fielding an ineligible player will not be considered for classification.

Tournament venue

The Tournament Hotel is the four-star Hotel Antares (Viale Postumia 88, 37069 Villafranca di Verona), just 15km from the wonderful city of Verona, Italy.

With 184 rooms, 7 natural grass football pitches, indoor & outdoor swimming pools and a host of other facilities, Hotel Antares is the perfect venue for a juvenile football tournament.

Teams will be accommodated on a full-board basis in the tournament hotel on a first-come, first-served basis (based on completed registration).

Teams that complete their registration after the tournament hotel is already full will be accommodated in nearby hotels.

Tournament format

Teams are drawn into preliminary qualifying groups and play all other teams in their qualifying group.

The top teams in each group then qualify for the final stages of the main tournament (‘Elite’ Bracket).

Teams finishing in lower places qualify for the final stages of ‘Champions’, ‘Premier’ or ‘Club’ brackets.

ALL teams compete right to the end

ALL teams play a minimum of 240 minutes football

ALL teams have a final or play-off match on the last morning and can win a trophy

Included in the price

• Ambulance & Medical support
• Insurance cover (see Health & Safety section on website)
• Official Referees
• Trophies and/or Medals for all participants
• Souvenir printed tournament programme for all participants
• FREE souvenir T-shirt & boot-bag for all participants
• FREE match ball for every team
• FREE set of Mediterranean Cup water bottles for every team
• FREE team photograph and hundreds of professionally-taken action photographs

Health and safety

Our tournament insurance policy provides cover for all registered players in the case of death or serious injury while on the field of play.

In addition, an ambulance and qualified medical staff are on duty at all times when matches are in progress and minor injuries can be treated immediately.

For more serious injuries, players will be brought to a local hospital where EU citizens are entitled to free medical care.

Players who are not citizens of the EU should ensure that they have their own medical insurance to cover the cost of treatment.